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Mission Field: Hispanic population of Central Ohio

Sponsoring Church:
Calvary BC / Pastor Earl R Jackson / 1123 St Rt 28 / Milford OH 45150 / 513-575-9708

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or Bro. Chris Cartwright

Report Posted: February 28, 2014

~ FEBRUARY, 2014 ~

Dear Pastor and Friends,
Praise God for another good month to 2014! Things are in full swing, and we praise God for His blessings!

Surprising Opportunity to Reach the Lost in Africa
This past month, I received a letter in the mail from Pastor Ulo A. Lucas from Mbaise, Imo State, Nigeria. Last year, I sent him a box of Gospel Tracts in English to use there for his church. Not long after that, my computer got hacked, and although my computer was restored, I was unable to hear from him, until I got his letter.
Here is the letter that I received rom Bro. Lucas:

Dear Pastor Christopher Cartwright,
Is Bro. Ulo A. Lucas, of above church writing. I got to know you through my second son Dankennedy (through Facebook). See the tract you sent to us year ago. I have written you many times by email but could get no reply. How is the work of our Lord?
We are in need of your tracts. Please send some to us. Have you other literature, we need them! Also we need Holy Bibles. How can we cooperate more effectively?
Have you ever been to Nigeria, and can you conduct crusades for us?
We labour for the Lord in rural villages. It has not been easy. My son Dankennedy is now in the university. He is very far from me. Do you still communicate with him?
Yours for souls, Pastor Ulo A. Lucas

I have contacted Bro. Lucas since I got the letter through email. We will print more Gospel tracts for him in English to reach more souls. Since we sent the one box, there, Bro. Lucas has told me that a total of 451 people have accepted the Lord as Saviour through the Tracts. Praise God for His Blessings! He says also that it might be cheaper to print tracts there in Nigeria. Bro. Lucas has been reaching people in Imo and Abia states in southeastern Nigeria.

This is a good example of the „Macedonian Call,‰ from Acts 16:6-10. Please pray for the people of Nigeria, that many more will be saved in southeastern Nigeria. Also, please pray, that if the Lord wills it, that we can make a short-term missions trip to Nigeria to conduct crusades or evangelsitc meetings. There is no ABA church in this country, and it would be a great oopotunity to establish the ABA in Nigeria. Also, if anyone has any used KJV Bibles, ABA Sunday School materials, or books to send over to Nigeria, please let me know, so we can get them there to Bro. Lucas.

Witnessing at the Hotel
This last week, I was able to witness to a lady who was here from Massachuesetts for a funeral locally. I was able to identify with her, because of my Dad who passed away 24 years ago on Feb. 22. I was able to give the Tract, „A Psalm for the Journey of Life.‰ She claims she made a profession of faith, but has since been away from God. Once she prayed the prayer to rededicate her life to God, she asked for a good church in Attleboro, MA, where she lives now. I was able to give her a list of churches, along with the KJV Bible I just bought the day before. Praise God for working to bring comfort to those who need it.

Bibles ready to go to the Philippines!
Praise God that I have all 80 KJV Bibles packed in 7 USPS Flat Rate Boxes to send to Bro. Rodante Quito in Guagua, Pampanga, Philippines. These were provided courtesy of Pastor James L. Jackson of Bible Baptist Temple, and will be used for the ministry ni the local Jails and Mission Work there reaching hundreds of Filipinos who have been saved using the Gospel Tracts from before, and also reaching the lost with the seed of the Word of God. Please pray that we can get these sent out very soon, hopefully, by the end of this month, or the first part of March. Also, we're providing Bro. Rodante with the menas to print Gospel tracts there in Guagua through a local printing office, so that many will receive the Word in their hearts.

Mam Bible Project to get started soon.
The Bible Projects have been so successful in getting Bibles in Mam to the people of Concepcion Chiquirichapa living here in Ohio in recent months. It has been so successful that we are going to do a 4th Bible Project to get 16 more Bibles for people here in Ohio. Please pray that this can be accomplished as well. The people have a hunger for the Word of God in their heart language as well as getting other Bibles in other languages for people here in Ohio.

Materials sent to the Tojolabal people in Chiapas, Mexico.
This past month, I was able to send another box of materials to Bro. Pedro Mendez Gomez in Las Margaritas, Chiapas, Mexico. This box contained 100 Gospel Tracts in Spanish, 60 CDs of Word of Life in Tojolabal, and 50 packets in Tojolabal, along with 2 Spanish Sunday School Books. Please pray that these will be used among the Tojolabal people in Chiapas, so that many will come to a saving knowledge of Christ a Saviour.

Check out the Ministry on Facebook!
If you‚re online, please check out the ministry and my page on Facebook at While you‚re there, you can friend me and check out ministry updates which I post everyday. It‚s a great way to keep up with the Mission work.

Ongoing Prayer Needs
Here is a listing of the prayer need for the Mission work:
Increased monthly support (Support has been cut in many areas.)
Increased attendances in the Washington Court House Mission, the Milford Mission, a new Columbus mission and in Worldwide Ministry
Increased outreach to all parts of the world through tracts, internet, etc.
Increased number of souls saved through the Mission Outreach
Please pray for these needs that the Lord will supply the needs of the Mission work.

Your Brother in Christ,

Christopher Cartwright