Christopher Cartwright
1007 Country Club Ct
Wilmington CH OH 43160

Mission Field: Hispanic population of Central Ohio

Sponsoring Church:
Calvary BC / Pastor Earl R Jackson / 1123 St Rt 28 / Milford OH 45150 / 513-575-9708

Send Offerings to: Calvary BC
or Bro. Chris Cartwright

Report Posted: July 30, 2014

~ July, 2014 ~

Dear Pastor and Friends,

Praise the Lord for another blessed month in the ministry. The Lord continues to get us through challenges He has put us in, and we pray that the Lord will continue to meet them.

Success with Hispanic Services and Home Bible Studies
In July, we have successfully launched anew the Calvary Hispanic Baptist Mission in Milford at Calvary Baptist Church with a new core group of people from Guatemala. These people include Sis. Florinda Molina Sanchez and her family, as well as others. They live over in the Price Hill area of Cincinnati. They are also inviting others to come to services. We are praying to have regular services every Sunday morning along with Sunday School for all ages. Please pray that this will continue successfully.

Also, the Hispanic Services in Washington Court House and Home Bible Studies continue successfully with more Hispanic people digging deeper into the Word, and there is experience in spiritual growth among the attendees. We pray that this will continue successfully, and we have been inviting more Hispanic to experience the blessings of God in the Hispanic Services at Washington court House on Sunday evenings. We have also been doing some Bible Studies at Deer Creek State Park to prepare the attendees to follow the Lord in Scriptural baptism as well. Here are a few pictures of the studies at Deer Creek.

Filling in to preach in Ohio this past month.
I thank God for the opportunities to fill in and preach at Calvary Baptist Church in Milford this past month. Thanks to my sending church for allowing me to share God’s Word and to be involved in the services there.

Preparing for Mission Trips in the near future.
On July 23, after eight weeks of waiting and a little frustration, and also a lot of prayer, I finally got my Passport! Praise God for this blessing! Now, I should be able to plan for some overseas mission trips. My Pastor friend from the Nicaraguan American Baptist Association (ABANIC – Asociacion Bautista Americana Nicaraguense), had asked me to come to Nicaragua for their Annual National Meeting and Missions Conference in September. This is something I had been interested in for a long time, and still am interested in going now that I have my Passport. While it might be too late to prepare for it this year, I would like to go and do an Evangelistic Crusade Meeting sometime in the early part of 2015. It is actually much easier to enter into Nicaragua, because I just need my Passport to enter, but I will need a Tourist Card once I enter which will cost only $10.00 USD. Also, the flight to Nicaragua will be much less expensive to go round-trip, instead of going to other plac!
es like Nigeria or the Philippines for example. Please pray that the Lord will open up the opportunity to do this.

As for the situation in Nigeria, it may be much more difficult to get my visa to go there. It is a much more lengthy process to get the visa, as well as with the ongoing crises affecting the country from Boko Haram and the Ebola virus to other matters. It may be that I may postpone this trip until later in 2015 or in early 2016. Again, please pray for this.

Mam Bible Project to be completed soon.
The Bible Projects have been so successful in getting Bibles in Mam to the people of Concepcion Chiquirichapa living here in Ohio in recent months. It has been so successful that we are going to do a 4th Bible Project to get at least 24 more Bibles for people here in Ohio. I had been in contact with the Guatemalan Bible Society (Sociedad Biblica de Guatemala) to purchase the Bibles, and they’re working on getting us 35 Bibles to be sent to people here to Ohio, as well as in South Carolina, Nebraska, Georgia, and other parts of the U.S. Please pray that this can be accomplished as well. The people have a hunger for the Word of God in their heart language as well as getting other Bibles in other languages for people here in Ohio.
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Ongoing Prayer Needs
Here is a listing of the prayer need for the Mission work:
Increased monthly support (Support has been cut in many areas.)
Increased attendances in the Washington Court House Mission, the Milford Mission, a new Columbus mission and in Worldwide Ministry
Increased outreach to all parts of the world through tracts, internet, etc.
Increased number of souls saved through the Mission Outreach
Please pray for these needs that the Lord will supply the needs of the Mission work.

Your Brother in Christ,
Christopher Cartwright