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Mission Field: Hispanic population of Central Ohio

Sponsoring Church:
Calvary BC / Pastor Earl R Jackson / 1123 St Rt 28 / Milford OH 45150 / 513-575-9708

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Report Posted: June 13, 2014

~ MAY, 2014 ~

Dear Pastor and Friends,

Praise the Lord for another blessed month in the ministry. The Lord continues to get us through challenges He has put us in, and we pray that the Lord will continue to meet them.

Salvation Decisions in the Philippines
I had just received a report from Bro. Rodante Quito in Guagua, Pampanga, Philippines, and he said that 15 people accepted the Lord in the middle of may, and 150 Gospel Tracts were passed out. He has printed 4,000 tracts there, and has used about 3,000 of them. We continue to pray that the seed of the Word of God will be sown in the hearts of men and women to be saved in the northern Philippines.

Preparing for Nigeria Mission Trip in 2015
Perhaps you've heard in the news about the attacks made by the terrorist group, Boko Haram, and about scams that come from Nigeria. I have as well. That was why I wanted to be very careful and prepared before taking on this challenge of answering the Macedonian call and go to Nigeria. After doing some background and profile checks on Bro. Lucas Ulo. I have found out that he is 100% legitimate as a Missionary Pastor. Bro. Lucas has served with an organization called Final Frontiers, and has been doing the Lord's work for decades among his own people in southeastern Nigeria. Praise God for the testimony that this man has produced.

Also, this past month, I was able to apply for my Passport so I can take the trip. Now, All I have to do is get my visa, along with other papers so I can enter in the country. Also, please pray that the Lord will provide the funds for me to go, and if the Lord leads you to help in any way to provide for the trip, please let me know by email or phone. It would be a tremendous help to this ministry to reach out wordwide.

KJV Bibles and other materials prepared to go to Nigeria
This past month, I had received 15 KJV Bibles from Bro. Lyn Jackson and Bible Baptist Temple, and 6 more from Sis. Joan Hargraves. Praise be to God for the sending and reading of God's Word. Also, I got 152 CDs of Words of Life produced by Global Recordings Network USA burnt and stored to go. These CDs are in the Igbo language, which is the native language of Bro. Lucas Ulo and his people. There are 3 MP3 CDs of the New Testament in Igbo from Faith Comes By Hearing. I am in the process of producing 2,000 Gospel Tracts in English to send with the other materials. So far, I have 600 printed, and will be printing the other 1,400 this coming week. Please pray that this will be done and we can send them to nigeria as soon as possible. There is a real hunger for the Word of God in this part of the African continent, and we pray that many people will be saved.

Mam Bible Project to be completed in the summer.
The Bible Projects have been so successful in getting Bibles in Mam to the people of Concepcion Chiquirichapa living here in Ohio in recent months. It has been so successful that we are going to do a 4th Bible Project to get 24 more Bibles for people here in Ohio. I had just been notified last week that an offering will be given for 24 Bibles in Mam to be sent from the Guatemalan Bible Society (Sociedad Biblica de Guatemala) to Ohio, so they can be sent to people here in Ohio, as well as in South Carolina, Nebraska, Georgia, and other parts of the U.S. Please pray that this can be accomplished as well. The people have a hunger for the Word of God in their heart language as well as getting other Bibles in other languages for people here in Ohio.

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Ongoing Prayer Needs
Here is a listing of the prayer need for the Mission work:
Increased monthly support (Support has been cut in many areas.)
Increased attendances in the Washington Court House Mission, the Milford Mission, a new Columbus mission and in Worldwide Ministry
Increased outreach to all parts of the world through tracts, internet, etc.
Increased number of souls saved through the Mission Outreach
Please pray for these needs that the Lord will supply the needs of the Mission work.

Your Brother in Christ,

Christopher Cartwright